Cosmetic Dentist Albuquerque

Your Smile, Our Focus

Brunette woman smiling outdoors after cosmetic dentistry in Albuquerque

The health of your smile is our priority, but its aesthetics, we know, are equally as important. This is why at Valer Dental & Braces, you can find an array of cosmetic dental treatments that can take your smile to the next level. From veneers and teeth whitening to metal-free restorations, gum recontouring, and full makeovers, every smile has the chance to shine, so don’t delay! Call our office to discover how we can give you the look you truly desire with cosmetic dentistry in Albuquerque.

Why Choose Valer Dental & Braces for Cosmetic Dentistry?

  • Fast & Mess-Free Digital Impressions
  • Valer Value Plan for Easy Payment
  • Digital Smile Design Shows Results Before Treatment


Woman in dental chair with dentist holding row of veneers to her smile

To cover imperfections that range from chips and cracks to gaps and misshapen teeth, custom veneers can be used. As thin sheaths commonly made of porcelain, they cover the front of teeth, delivering a new and improved look that is strong, durable, stain-resistant, and natural in appearance. Veneers require two appointments and can last 10-20 years.

Metal-Free Dental Restorations

Several white dental crowns and veneers next to dental mirrors

Traditional amalgam may still be commonly used in many dental offices, but we strive to keep aesthetics in mind when treating broken and decayed teeth. With metal-free dental crowns and fillings, we can safeguard smiles with optimal durability while also creating a more visually stunning appearance. The best part is that because it is also a restorative form of care, your dental insurance may help cover a portion of the cost.

Teeth Whitening

Dental patient receiving professional teeth whitening

Brighter smiles are no longer reserved solely for the rich and famous. Instead, you can choose professional teeth whitening with our Valer Dental & Braces team. Using Zoom in-office to eliminate stains above and below the surface in one hour, we also provide a more convenient option for those who wish to whiten their teeth on their own time – take-home kits. Using custom trays and high-grade bleaching gel, dramatic results can be seen in as little as two weeks.

Gum Recontouring/Crown Lengthening

Close up of woman smiling before and after gummy smile correction

If you have excessive gum tissue that is overshadowing your teeth, allow us to use a dental laser to perform gum recontouring. By removing the extra tissue, we can create a more balanced appearance that looks symmetrical and beautiful. A similar process can also be administered with our dental laser known as crown lengthening. This is performed should you need more of your natural tooth exposed for the successful placement of a custom dental crown.

Smile Makeovers

Close up of smile with flawless straight white teeth

To address multiple smile imperfections (i.e., stains, gaps, uneven gumline, etc.), it often requires more than one type of cosmetic dentistry treatment. In these cases, we can recommend a smile makeover. By creating one cohesive plan to target the problem areas and rebuild a fully enhanced, natural-looking smile, we can streamline the process for a more enjoyable experience. Also, we can use Digital Smile Design to show you the expected results before treatment even begins!