Advanced Dental Technology Albuquerque

Always Moving Forward

Dental treatment room with screen showing x rays of teeth

In our effort to bring as much value to our patients as possible, we’ve made investing in our technology a priority. Thanks to the advanced dental technology in Albuquerque described below, we’re able to offer industry-leading diagnostics, treatment, and comfort to every patient regardless of their needs. Wwe can accomplish some truly amazing things these days, and it’s all because that’s what you and your smile deserve.

Digital Dental Impressions

Dentist capturing digital impressions of a patients teeth

In the past, before a patient could get a crown, denture, or other restoration, they needed to have a physical impression taken of their teeth. This would involve spending minutes biting into a mold filled with messy dental putty. As you can imagine, this process wasn’t exactly enjoyable and created quite a mess! But now, we can just scan the mouth with a small wand and generate a perfect digital impression in a matter of minutes, ensuring someone’s treatment looks and fits perfectly starting on day one.

Soft Tissue Laser

Illustrated dental laser treating the gums

Soft tissue lasers have revolutionized the way we’re able to take care of the gums. Rather than using incisions and sutures, we can gently remove infected tissue, get rid of stubborn tartar deep below the gum line, and even provide cosmetic gum lifts while the patient barely feels anything in the chair. The light energy simultaneously sanitizes and cauterizes as it works, which reduces post-treatment bleeding, swelling, and soreness to practically zero.

Cavity Detection System

Pen like dental scanner in a dock

Rather than just poking your teeth to find cavities, we can scan them with a special light that is much more accurate when it comes to detecting even the slightest sign of thinning or decay. This approach feels better for the patient, and it also enables our team to find problem spots much sooner, meaning we can often intervene and prevent a cavity from developing in the first place.

CT Scanner

Cone beam C T scanner standing against white wall

A CT scanner doesn’t just take an X-ray—it gives us a detailed, 3D map of your dental anatomy that we can use to gather a tremendous amount of information relatively quickly. With it, we can see both rows of teeth, the bite, the jaws, and even the condition of the underlying bone. All of this allows us to better plan procedures so they are perfectly suited to the patient, ensuring they have a comfortable and successful experience.

Intraoral Camera

Dental team member holding a white pen like intraoral camera

Our intraoral camera allows you to see your smile from our team’s perspective. It produces close-up images of the teeth and gums that we can display on a large monitor right next to the chair. This not only makes our exams more thorough, but also brings a level of transparency to your appointments. Rather than just telling you what is going on in your mouth, we can show you, making it much easier to decide whether certain treatments would be right for you.