Invisalign Clear Aligners Albuquerque

A Less Noticeable Way to Straighten Your Smile

Hand holding two Invisalign clear aligners in Albuquerque

There is no denying that metal brackets and wires are highly effective when it comes to straightening teeth; however, they are not the only way. With Invisalign Clear Aligners, you can enjoy a more discreet form of orthodontic treatment – one that allows you to go about your day without the spotlight being on your smile. At Valer Dental & Braces, you can expect our team to discuss this alternative option with you during a FREE consultation, so don’t delay in calling our dental office for Invisalign in Albuquerque.

Why Choose Valer Dental & Braces for Invisalign Clear Aligners?

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How Invisalign Works

Dentist fitting a patient with Invisalign aligners

Using clear, plastic aligners that are custom-made based on impressions of your smile, Invisalign, when worn 20-22 hours a day, places gentle pressure on your teeth, causing them to shift. After 1-2 weeks of wear, the current trays are switched out for the next set, allowing things to keep moving in the right direction.

Throughout treatment, follow-up visits to our office are essential, as these will allow our team to ensure that your progress is moving forward smoothly.

The Benefits of Invisalign

Smiling woman holding an Invisalign tray near her mouth

When choosing Invisalign as opposed to metal braces, you can expect to experience many unique benefits, such as:

  • No Irritation: Invisalign does not contain brackets or wires that protrude from teeth and can rub against soft oral tissues. Instead, the smooth material poses no threat to cheeks, lips, or the tongue, allowing for less discomfort.
  • Faster Results: Although not always the case, Invisalign can be completed in just 12-18 months. This is much quicker than with traditional braces, which can take 2-3 years to complete.
  • No Food Restrictions: With Invisalign, you can remove your trays before eating or drinking (unless it is water). This means you can enjoy all the foods you love.