Gum Disease Treatment Albuquerque

Stopping Inflammation to Create Better Gum Health

Person pointing to red spot in their gums before gum disease treatment in Albuquerque

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it is estimated that nearly half of adults who are 30 years of age and older in the United States have some form of gum disease. At Valer Dental & Braces, our dental team provides gum disease treatment in Albuquerque to reduce inflammation and bleeding while also stopping the spread of infection. If you suspect you might benefit from this type of care, call our office today.

Why Choose Valer Dental & Braces for Gum Disease Treatment?

  • Enhanced Dental Technology for Accurate Diagnoses
  • Saturday & Evening Dental Appointments
  • Valer Value Plan for Uninsured Patients

Scaling & Root Planing

Illustrated dental scaler clearing plaque buildup from teeth and gums

As the infection spreads and creates gum pockets, bacteria can easily become trapped. With scaling, we can remove built-up plaque and tartar from the teeth and gumline before moving on to root planing. This process involves going deep within the gum pockets to smooth the tooth roots, reducing the chances of reinfection while also encouraging gum reattachment.

Laser Periodontal Treatment

Illustrated dental laser treating gum disease

Some areas of bacteria can be difficult to reach only using scaling and root planing, which is when we turn to laser periodontal treatment. Minimally invasive and comfortable, the laser’s precision targets only the diseased areas of the gums, leaving all healthy tissues alone. Using this method of gum disease treatment, we can easily remove plaque and tartar around the gumline. There is almost no pain and bleeding, which leads to a shorter recovery time.